Hemp Facts

1. Famous writings written on hemp paper include:
    The Gutenberg Bible (15th century)
    The King James Bible (17th century)
    Thomas Paine's pamphlets:  The Rights of Man, Common Sense, and The Age of Reason.
    The works of Mark Twain, Alexander Dumas, and Victor Hugo
    And Lewis Carroll's beloved  Alice in Wonderlandwas originally printed on hemp paper
      Alice In Wonderland Hemp Paper








    2. Ancient uses of Hemp Root include fighting fevers, alleviating gout, helping heal broken bones, and Chinese gunpowder. 

    3. Hemp is a carbon negative raw material. It  breathes in 4 times the carbon dioxide than trees.

    4. Everything plastic can be made from Hemp and, plastic made from Hemp is biodegradable.

    5. Compared to popular fibers like cotton, hemp produces twice as much fiber per acre, requires half the water, and is four times more durable.

    6. Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Gainsborough are just a few of the artists who often used hemp linen for their paintings.

        Van Gogh Hemp Canvas

        7. Henry VIII required farmers use a quarter acre for every 60 acres to cultivate hemp. If they did not, they would face a fine for breaking the law.

        8. In the 1400s, Christopher Columbus always carried a reserve stock of hemp seeds on his expeditions. 

        9. In 1916, Conrad Kain completed the first ascent of BC's Bugaboo Spire with just hobnailed boots, a wooden axe, hemp rope and a kerosene stove.

        Conrad Cain Hemp Rope

        10. The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.

        11. Hemp is a more complete protein than eggs, tofu, and cow's milk.

        12. Hemp is not Marijuana. 

        13. Hemp has the ability to serve as a renewable fuel source. The oil from hemp seed can be converted into a biodegradable and non-toxic biodiesel.